5 Ecotourism Destinations

Ecotourism destinations:
1-Costa Rica: Although Costa Rica as a country is not too big (51,100 km), yet still its government has given 26% land for the construction and maintenance of the ecosystem such as forests, parks and reserves of wildlife. 
It is for a fact that that in spite of it being eco-Friendly, yet it is visited by very few tourists throughout. 
Moreover, the government of Costa Rica had not only spread awareness around for the well being of the ecosystem but also made areas such as Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.
Furthermore, it is also estimated that Costa Rica almost makes USD 2.4 billion per year through ecosystem which highlights Costa Rica as an Ecotourist Country.
2-United States: This is quite surprising that many people including the locals are also not aware of Ecotourism in America. 
In the month of June, all around the country, you can find National Parks portraying the efforts of government working for ecotourism. 
Here also you can find inspiring scenery at every spot!
3-Finland: The people here not only protect the ecosystem 
but their love and affection devoted to ecotourism from 
centuries is itself a proof of how bold ecotourism is in 
The national parks are active throughout the year but mostly in the month of June. 
Finland perceive themselves as nature-based or sustainable tourism companies and also have business potential form these.
4-La Mesa Eco Park: This place in Philippines well known for environmental and recreational awareness allows you camping and other things such as horses riding, skating (in winters), biking and zip line etc.
5-Iceland: This land of miracles is from past the mother of 
Its ecosystem is not only confined to national parks and rivers but also volcanoes, geothermal energy sources and mountain peak capped with ice. 
Every turn guides you to the path of nature unknown by many and it is sparsely populated and their efforts to the environment add to the ecotourism around.

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