Am I taking a balanced diet?

A balanced diet is a cornerstone of health. Your concern about your health is worth debating. However, let’s firstly discuss what is a balanced diet?

What is a balanced diet?  

A balanced diet contains the proper amount of :

  • Carbohydrates 
  • Fats 
  • Proteins 
  • Fibre 
  • Vitamin
  • Mineral 
  • Water

Likewise, the amount of energy between men and women varies as :  

Reference intakes (RI)
Energy (in kcal)25002000
Protein (in g)55                   50                 
Carbohydrates (in g)300260
Sugar (in g)12090
Fat (in g)9570
Saturates (in g)3020
Salt (in g)66


Moreover, let’s put forward some foods rich in nutrients, some are listed as follows:
  • Fatty fish similar to salmon contain very useful fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals. It is a great idea to consume fatty fish every week.
  • Kale is one in every of the foremost nutrient-dense vegetables you’ll eat, containing giant amounts of vitamins, minerals, and cancer-fighting compounds.
  • Sea vegetables area unit extremely wholesome however seldom consumed within the West. they’re notably high in iodine, that is important for best thyroid operate.
  • Potatoes is one of the things in which you can find almost every nutrient you need. These are massively filling and can give tremendous amounts of resistant starch.
  • Whole eggs so good for nutrients that they are sometimes referred to as “nature’s multivitamin.” 
  • The yolk is the thing where you can found almost every single nutrients. 
Am I Taking Balanced Diet?
Food items in a Balanced Diet


To conclude, taking a balanced diet is extremely important as the proper intake of healthy food is essential.

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