8 Amazing Travel Hacks And Tips

Best Travel Hacks : 
  • Mark Your Things As Fragile: Due to this, not only your stuff would be handled with more care but also you will also easily get your things after the journey. 

Remember that there are no restrictions on marking only a particular suitcase under the terminology of ‘ Fragile ‘ but likely any case of your choice can make its way through like this. 

  • Prevent Bulk Of Clothes: These are simply no need of those insane puffer jackets and those three thick lamb’s wool jumpers. 

However, you can try layering up to some extent. Chose only those clothes which are usable and suitable to the condition and make wise decisions like these. 

A piece of advice for the alternative of thick clothes and jackets is the Flannel. Not only it retains heat well but also is light weighted, solving your query.  

  • Make Good use of your Devices: Go through a website/app known as Four Square where you can find reviews and ratings of the places nearby you.  The most useful thing and a piece of advice is that go to the ‘Tips ‘ section of the app. 

There you can leave some recommendations and points which you think are essential. 

Also, this is the part from where you can find passwords of networks nearby you, and I don’t think that you don’t know how to use the net wisely now. Also some times you are unable to open the Four Squads website. 
So what you have to do is simply jump into App Store/play store and download the app, WiFi Map. 
This gives you a free password. Only you have to type in a location and your work would be done. Ain’t it what you may be looking for?

  • Bring a Jacket: Even if it is the scorching heat of the sun, I would recommend you to bring a light weighted jacket. 

It does not only allow you to use it as a perfect pillow or makeshift blanket during a flight but will also make going through security easier (it’s a great place to store your phone, wallet, keys, glasses, and other loose items during screening). 

Moreover, a jacket can further help you improve your dressing during travelling . 2 in 1 hack!

  • Download Google Maps: If you simply want to get rid of tourist guides and maps, simply download the google map and make sure to access them offline. 

Not only it will save your time asking strangers if the location but will save your money hiring a guide all around. Simply get in touch with it and make your journey easy with excess of locations.

  • Take public transportation. This is one of the best travel hacks to save money in because many people don’t even mark it on their list of travelling. 

Instead of private taxis, go on an adventure and use public transportation. Not only it is inexpensive but also a good way of making your trip fun by exploring. So give it a go. 

  • Eat Street food: As long as you have gone through this, you would have immediately thought of stomach issue and food quality etc. 

Relax. Remember that if you are not getting in touch with local street food, you are depriving yourself of a great deal of journeys entertainment and learning. 

The food not only is deletions but also cheap to save a lot of money if you are willing to go with the tip. 

  • Travel during the low season: Everything like Hotels, food, activities will be cheaper and you can save tons of money during off-season. 

Make sure to check the weather forecasts. Also, this is the time when tourist would be very less here, providing you an opportunity to not only peacefully explore the place but also relax with ease.

Conclusion: With this, the topic regarding travel hacks and tips has come to an end. Leave any suggestions or questions in the comment section below.

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    Waleed Gohar
    July 23, 2019 at 4:51 pm

    Share these useful tips with your friends and family

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    Skye Evans
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    Thank you, Waleed, for sharing amazing travel hacks. I am very impressed.

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