Sleep Hacks and Tips

Sleep Hacks And Tips : 
  • Exercise : It is scientifically proven that regular exercise allows you to have a good sleep at night . A vigorous exercise over a time interval of one or quarter hour is perfect . 
Sleep Hacks and Tips

  • Devices– : It is scientifically proven that use of bright blue screens at night can effect your sleep . This is these produces melatonin ( skin pigment which leads to blockage ) . So avoid these gadgets just before sleep . However if you work at night then the best piece of advice is to dim the devices light .  
Sleep Hacks and Tips

  • Look for a Colder Environment: It may sound a bit obvious but a thing to note here is to not disrupt your comfort while retaining a cool temperature throughout . Your bedroom should be between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep. Temperatures above 75 degrees and below 54 degrees can disrupt bedtime.
Sleep Hacks and Tips

  • Use of A Appropriate Pillow :The type of pillow depends upon your sleeping position based upon certain universal facts , these are ; 
  1. People sleeping on their back need a flat pillow supporting curve of their spine . In addition if you place another pillow underneath your knee , it would relax you up providing a good sleep by resting up your spinal cord and beneath .
  2. Use a thicker pillow if you are a side sleeper . It not only prevents your head and neck falling over and over again but also provides support to relax you up 
  3. Get a flat low pillow if you are a upside down / stomach sleeper . However if getting a low comfortable pillow is not possible , place one underneath your stomach to balance the stress up , keeping you relieved . 
Sleep Hacks and Tips

  • No Heavy Meals Before Sleep : Avoid all sorts of heavy meals before you are just going to bed . Nutrients in food such as proteins and fats are difficult to digest and can lead to unfavourable conditions for you to sleep . However if you are hungry , that would also not allow you to sleep either . Look for refreshments around your home so that you come across something as an alternative .
Sleep Hacks and Tips

  • Bath :If you are constantly struggling to sleep , go and get a quick hot water bath . This would raise your body temperature slightly and when you will come out , it would again raise your body temperature. Hence brain will ultimately signal your body to relax and you will eventually sleep ( proved by a small 1985 study ) 
  • Don’t Take Stress : One of the most important advice is that avoid taking stress . Relax your brain as if your brain is stressed out , it will bring about thousands other thoughts to your mind and remember you don’t have time to think about these . Studies also have proved that stress also lead to brain vessels getting narrower that means that instead of relaxing you are getting across diseases . This is also related to the fact of balanced diet . When you consume a balanced diet and remain fit , it eventually results as a hack for proper sleep 
Sleep Hacks and Tips

  • Religion :Without bringing about any controversial points , religious discourse such as yoga , meditation and prayer not also physically relaxes you but also bring about about spiritual relief which is necessary if you are really in need of relaxation . Important point to note is that only perform these when you can easily , when you are tired or stressed out , jump for a nap  
Sleep Hacks and Tips

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