• Hi, I’m Waleed! •

I know how challenging CIEs can be without good resources. I have walked in your shoes, first as a student and now as a teacher.

My Story

Back when I was doing my O Levels, there were only a few good revision resources.

That’s when my journey started.

After completing my O Levels with 10A*, I decided to compile the best revision resources tailored to your syllabus requirements.

There’s a better way to learn the fundamental concepts of a topic. That’s why all our revision notes are packed with useful illustrations and mnemonics.

The best part?

We are a team of high-achieving students who have aced our CIEs and are ready to help you ace yours!

About Us

Our Mission ➞

We aim to empower everyone to excel at their students by providing the BEST resources.

Meet The Team

Waleed Gohar

About Us

I am currently an MBBS student. I completed my O Levels with 10A*s and A Levels with 3As. I am ready to share all the top revision resources I used to smash all my subjects!

Abdul Ahad

About Us

I am a first-year MBBS student. I secured 8A*s and 3As in my O Levels and A Levels, respectively. I am eager to share the revision resources that helped me excel in my studies!

Happy Learning!