Best life Changing books!

Best life-changing books:

20,000 leagues under the sea: This novel written by well-known science fictionist James Verne is a story of a scientist who his obedient slave (named Conseil) and friend (known as Ned Land) are lost in the sea until they come across a gigantic ship which they thought be a sea monster. 
However, there is no straight forward lesson in the book but the morals of friendship and obedience are highlighted throughout the book. 
In addition, the lesson of being steadfast, brave and observing also mould the way a person thinks.
Invisible man: The book written by Ralph Ellison highlights great lesson referring to a personal creed. 
In the book, a young black man is invisible whose identity is unknown, quite simply as people don’t want to see him.
This portrays man’s status in society in regard to his looks which shakes the mans inner with this lesson.
The Artists way: The book written by Yan Martel pens a story of a guy named pie who is lost in the sea after his ship sinks and is alone with some animals etc. 
The book highlights the fact that if a man believes in himself or anything wholeheartedly and strives for it, he shall earn its reward 
Ego is the Enemy: This books written by Ryan Holiday gives us a simple lesson that instead of being impressive to show people, one should be impressive in such a way that people themselves come across one’s greatness. 
The believes the world revolves around us and us alone – holds us back from living the life it makes us desire so much, what we can do to overcome it at every turn and how to achieve true greatness.

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