Gardening Hacks You wished You Knew First !

Gardening Hacks You wished You Knew First !
Trees surrounding flowers in a Garden
Best Gardening Hacks :
1-Keep Pests Away: This trick sounds obvious but definitely the correct and easy way may be unknown to many. 

You can use coffee grounds to keep pests such as ant and snails away so that your gardening is not devastated by these pests who can eat away the vegetation! 

Coffee grounds when the spread is effective at deterring mosquitos, fruit flies and beetles, and make a barrier to prevent crawling pests such as slugs etc. Similarly, crushed eggshells are often used to form a barrier between pests. 
2-Use Hydrogen Peroxide: This is a very useful substance which not only supplies extra oxygen to plants while gardening but also protects them from unwanted bacteria and diseases. 

Due to its presence, root growth also intensifies and you can perform your gardening safely and securely. 

The process to use this every day is that make it dilute by adding water to the substance. Add 3% of it every day to your garden and then wait for the results!
3-Use Your Broom: This hack involves the using of a back of broom which is always available. 

If your garden is compacted, use the back of the broom to make tiny holes which later can be filled with water to soften the ground.
4- The Proper Shoe: Almost everyone complains of the 
devastating effects there shows have on their feet as well as their garden.

The best to use here as a trick is the Sloggers. Not only these are 100% waterproof but also have a broader surface area which reduces pressure which you exert on the ground, hence protecting the ground around!
5-Paper Towel: What if you are planning to go on a trip for some days. Won’t you be worried about your potted plants? 

Well, if so then no need to be worried now. Simply fill a container with water and get a paper towel and paper sticks. 

Then roll the paper towel onto paper sticks and dip both ends of paper stick in water (connected with pot). In this way, water from paper towel would be transferred to the plant and your garden plants would not remain thirsty for long while you are enjoying your trip! 
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