What should I do to prepare my house for winter

1- Clean Your Chimneys: Who would regret the fact that before winters approaching, it becomes mandatory to clean the Chimneys used previously in winters. Not only it ensures safe burning but also maintains a pollution-free atmosphere. Cleaning chimneys not only maximise its efficiency, by removing blockages etc but also allows you to inspect any damage that may have been present in the Chimney already!
2- Set The Thermostats: It is very important to go through your thermostats that will ensure a uniform temperature around your living. Getting across the ideal temperature before upcoming winters hence becomes significant. Therefore the thermostat setting should at-least be 17° Celsius and a comfortable day time temperature ranging from 20°-22°C. 
3- Use Insulators: It is quite surprising how substances such as curtains, drapes, shades and even mini blinds can provide insulation to your house. Not only these are cost-free but it will also provide you with a comfortable warm temperature which you are preparing for approaching winters.
4-Check The Heaters: How bad it would be that you had made no preparations before winters and upon its arrival, you find that your heater is not working properly. Therefore to ensure the sustainability one should check the device. All gas heaters should be serviced and electricians to confirm the workings!
5- Prevent Blockage Of Heat Vents:  This may not be 
considered as a tip but a piece of significant advice to maintain a pleasant atmosphere throughout Winters. Make sure that the heaters are installed away from heat vents and the furniture do not disturb the vents. Unfortunately when this happens, a lot of heat would be trapped leading to environment far more congested to adjust with!
6- Check Your Things: Consider that on arriving winters you find that your blankets certainly are faulted and do not have enough time to replace them, what would you do in these days of winters when their prices are touching the sky. Therefore it would be better to check your blankets 
and other things which are necessary in winters a month 
ago. If they require some replacement, change them as in these days the customers purchasing these would be far short then the upcoming month. So be sensible so that you have a good and comfortable winter season! 


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