10 Interesting Facts About Wolves To Amaze You
A Wolf Howling

Facts about Wolves? If it is what you came for, then be confident that you are at the right place.

Wolves from very long seem to be attracting people towards their study. So let’s start from the very beginning:

What are Wolves?

A wolf is a big predatory canid found extensively throughout North America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Wolves are the largest members of the canid family and are the ancestors of all domestic dogs.

The two species of wolves can be categorized as the red wolf and the grey wolf. Further, there are many subspecies of these red and grey wolves found mainly in the Southwestern United States.

Now when you know about these beasts, let’s jump straight into the main topic:

Facts about the Wolf:

  • A wolf varies in weight from about 40-175 pounds. Moreover, its colour consists if 68% grey, 31% black and only 1% white. In this way, a wolf has a hearing frequency of 25-80 kHz (compare it to a human audible frequency range that is 20-20,000 Hz). Wolfs watching ability is similar to that of humans except their night vision is better. Apart their smell is 100x better than humans and their life span varies from about 5-18 years varying in captivity. 
  • The wolves possess immense power in their jaws. The power is 1500 pounds per square inch (compared to that of a large dog which is only 750 pounds per square inch). The jaws themselves are massive comprising of 42 teeth for all purposes of crushing and chewing etc.
  • Here is now a mix of facts. The wolves can swim up to a distance of 8 miles (13km) helped by small webs between their toes. Besides Ireland was once called the wolf land because of a massive amount of wolves present their. Hunting of wolves, back then, was quite common and popular. Apart from that,  Adolf Hitlers many military headquarters were named after wolves because of their bravery such as “Herr Wolf”, “Conductor Wolf” and “Wolf’s Gulch”.
  • Wolves howl not only to contact separated members of their group but also to warn each other of the arriving danger. Lone Wolves howl to attract mates or even when they are alone. Each howl mostly lasts for about 5 seconds but may vary according to the situation.
  •  Similarly, when howling together, wolves will not howl at the same note. Instead, they harmonize to create an illusion that there are more of them than they are actually. Similarly, wolves are more active at dawn and dusk. 
  • Wolves can eat up to 9 kg in only one sitting. The alpha wolf is the first to eat and thus eats the most of food. The remaining food is then followed by other members of the pack (wolves family/members). It is to note that it is a very good technique of survival as wolves may go without for food for several days!
  • A wolf possesses dark irises (part of an eye). It is there to give extra protection to the wolfs eye in high glare environment for proper vision. 
  • As where is oil, water is present as well. In the same way, where there are wolves, there are ravens. Ravens follow the wolves almost everywhere they go. A theory is proposed that they seem to like them. Moreover, they are not known to follow other predators and ravens prefer to eat with wolves instead of alone, a phenomenon of nature indeed!
  • Wolves are somewhat more than only being animals. Do you know that wolves can change the ecosystem in a number of ways? For an experiment, wolves were introduced in the yellow stone park. After their entry, trees grew faster, the animal population increased and even rivers changed their course due to less soil erosion.  
  • Wolf’s primarily prey on elk, caribou, moose, bison and a white Castle Cheeze slider.
10 Interesting Facts About Wolves To Amaze You
Facial Expressions of Wolf
With this, the topic of Facts about Wolves has come to an end. But wait, the article has not ended yet.
Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions:
How do Wolves protect themselves?
Not surprising that wolves have multiple ways to protect themselves. Their sharp teeth are fairly strong and thus help them to take down their prey quite easily. They can run for several miles without getting tired and thus can easily catch their prey.
Moreover, with good smell and hearing abilities and great eyesight, wolves can easily keep track of all things around and when they move together in packs, their defence becomes even stronger.
Define some characteristics of Wolves.
Wolves being mammals possess hair, giving birth and feed their young ones with milk. They are the largest members of the dog’s family and can weigh around 200 pounds when they are fully grown adults.
The places where wolves are present?
They are present in almost all parts of the world. However, they are extensively found in America, Canada and Russia. Wolves are popular in forests but can also be found in Greenland, deserts, artics and mountains.

Facts about wolves
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