23 Unknown Facts about Dogs

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23 Unknown Facts About Dogs

How do we define a dog?

A dog is a sub specie of the grey wolf and is interlinked with jackals and foxes. 
Dog (scientifically known as Canis Familiaris) is a very popular domestic animal. 
Dogs are related to humans in many ways. They hunt, protect, and provide assistance to humans. 
The strong bond between dogs and humans have earned them the title of “man’s best friend”
Talking about the evolution of dogs, they evolved from grey wolves into more than 400 separate breeds. From the early breeds, humans made distinct breeds according to their desire. 
The rank and status of dogs are not the same in all parts of the world. In Europe, dogs are held in high esteem while in Asia, dogs are not given enough importance except a few countries. 
In ancient Egypt, dogs were considered sacred. 
Modern dogs display variance in their appearance, size, shape and behaviour. Dogs have highly variable size and weight.
Dogs possess a sense of sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch and dogs can even see earth’s magnetic field (proved by scientific studies).

What is the difference between dogs and wolves?

Although dogs and wolves share a genetic relationship, there are some prominent differences between the two. 
 Dogs have a 30% smaller brain and 20% smaller skull if compared to wolves. Moreover, dogs have smaller teeth if compared to wolves.
Furthermore, the skin of dogs is thicker than that of wolves. The paws of dogs are half of the size of that of a wolf. 
Now when you have a basic knowledge about dogs, this takes us to some facts about dogs:

Interesting Dog Facts

23 Unknown Facts about Dogs: 

➔ A greyhound is an extremely fast dog. You can come across its speed if you know that a greyhound can defeat a cheetah in a long-run race!
They can keep a speed of 35mph or more up to 7 miles while a cheetah can retain its speed from only 200-300 yards. 
Therefore, the cheetah would be ahead for a while but will be surpassed by the greyhound. 
➔ Do you know that a dog has three eyelidsThe third eyelid is responsible for keeping the eye-safe and lubricated. 
➔ Your dog is capable to smell your feelings. A dog has its sense of smell 100, 000 times better than humans. 
Therefore, your dog can sense your fear, but how?
If you are scared, you are likely going to perspire and that is when your dog will pick up this change. Interesting, isn’t it? 
➔ Dogs can be trained to detect cancer and other diseases in humans. 
The cancerous cells in the human body release metabolic waste products. This is where the sense of smell of a dog comes again. A dog can smell your breath and then detect the disease. 
Why do dogs curl up in a ball before sleeping? 
It is a widely asked question with a simple and interesting answer. Dogs curl up to as a protective measure to safeguard their vital organs and keep their body warm
➔ Your dog can detect that you are lying. How? 
The answer is simple. Dogs are smart. They judge your behaviour and actions and infer whether you are lying or not. 
The truth is that these are just inferences. They may or may not be true.
➔ Do you know that a fact about dogs is that they take stress, like humans? 
There is a simple way to judge whether your dog is taking stress or not.  
The going grey of a dog too early is a sign that your dog is taking excessive stress. 
➔ Scientific studies have proved that if you talk to a dog or pet it, this act will significantly reduce your blood pressure. 

According to Harvard University, the reason is unknown but petting a dog can reduce your blood pressure by almost 10%

➔ Dogs sweat through their paws. This is because they have sweat glands in their paws. 

Unlike humans, dogs can only sweat through their paws. When their body temperature increases (due to running or other activities), they perspire to release heat in the form of sweat.

This action lowers the body temperature of a dog. 

➔ Dogs do not feel guilty for their actions. Those ashamed eyes of your dog are not due to guilt but, it is just a reaction.

So do not get tricked by your dog. This fact was proven by a scientific study. 

➔ A dog is initially blind and deaf when it is born. 

It takes some time for dogs to fully develop their eyes and ear canals to see and hear. 

➔ Dogs suffer similar diseases as humans do. One of the most prominent ones is obesity.

Recent studies have shown that dogs these days are becoming obese than they ever were. 

Get your dog to regular walks and exercise to get rid of this problem. 

Other diseases such as allergies and cancer can also prevail. 

➔ Some things in your kitchen can kill your dog. Dogs should avoid our food and we should avoid their food.

However, something is special here. 

Almost all of us like chocolate and it is mostly present in our kitchen. 

Chocolate can kill your dog! This is because chocolate contains theobromine that can make your dog extremely sick. 

Similarly, apple seeds and grapes may also be very harmful. 

➔ The nose print of a dog is as unique as a man’s fingerprint. 

Both can never be same of two organisms. They are unique in their own way. 

➔ Dogs heart beats faster than ours. There heartbeats between 10-120 a minute while the human heart beats about 70-80 a minute on average. 

➔ Dogs lick for a reason. Younger dogs lick their owners to show their affection to them and tell them that they are hungry.

Adult dogs lick themselves to have a taste of their salty skin, show affection for their owner and to make them comfortable by relieving stress

➔ A dog can sense the size of another dog only by the sound of their growling. Strange, isn’t it? 

➔ The paws of many dogs smell like corn chips, but why? 

This is because they build up bacteria and sweat in their paws. 

➔ In a country like America, almost everyone owns a dog.

However, there is a country where buying or selling a dog is illegal. 

What is the name of that country? 

It is Iran. They consider owing a dog as western culture. The punishment of opposing this law is 74 lashes. 

➔ A study at the University of Vienna has proved that dogs prefer men more than women.  

➔ In Paulding, Ohio, it is legal for police officers to bite a crazy dog. Yes, you read it right, biting a dog!

➔ If you stare a dog, it takes it as a sign of threat and may attack you as a defensive measure. Dogs are extremely protective. They do not compromise at all on their safety. 

➔ In Chicago, you cannot give Whiskey to your dog. However, beer and other alcoholic drinks are permitted.

The reason is unknown!

With this, the topic of interesting facts about dogs has come to an end, but wait, the article is not ended yet.

Sad Dog Facts:

  • There is a statue of a dog at the Shibuya Station in Tokyo that came to the train station every night for almost nine years. 
This was because he was in the search of his owner who had passed away!
  • Although dogs do not feel guilt they feel sad only because their owners yell at them.
Respect your animals feeling. Try to establish a cordial relation with your dog because your dog loves you. 
  • Emotionally negative experiences make a dog awake at night.
This is because dogs worry about their problem. The sad thing is that they cannot tell us.
  • If your dog detects that you are sad, it will make all possible attempts (by displaying his affection) to make you happy. A very cute fact about dogs, isn’t it? 
  • Only one dog out of ten dogs born is likely to find a permanent house to live. 
  • Your dog asks your help to solve his problem though one way or the other. 

One of the most desired topic:

Quotes About Dogs: 

➣ “Outside of a dog, the book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it is dark to read.”

➣ “You want a friend in Washington? Go get a dog.”

➣ “Scratch a dog and you will find a permanent job.”

➣ “No matter how are you feeling, your dog is going to love you.”

➣ “Dogs know how to speak, for those who know how to listen to them.”

➣ “Love is a four-legged word.”

➣ “Dogs are not whole life but, they make our life whole.”

Important Note:

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FAQ’S (Frequently Asked Question): 

Question: Why are dogs popular?

Answer: Dogs are popular as they are loyal to humans, playful, caring and they obey their owners.
Question: Do dogs see colour? 
Answer: Yes, dogs do not see in white and black. However, they see very few colours if compared to humans. 
Question: Can dogs tolerate cheese?
Answer: Yes, dogs can tolerate cheese if it is not lactose intolerant. 

Question: Do dogs laugh?

Answer: Yes, dogs laugh. However, when they are laughing, the voice is similar to panting. Therefore, do not confuse yourself. 

Ending Words:

With this, the article about 23 Unknown Dog Facts has come to an end.

The loyalty of dogs has made them very special for all of us.

We must learn about our dogs and their feelings and take proper care of them.

The article covers the origin of dogs, their anatomy, some facts and quotes about dogs.

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