The bravest, competent and deadliest warriors from the history of the world. If it is what made you come here, then be confident that you are in the right place.

What describes the best warrior?

The best warrior is the one who instils fear among his rivals and the one to whom only bravery describes victory, not the material.

History has experienced many brave soldiers but not all are remembered today. This is because only bravery does not define competence.

It is the tactic and strategy the differentiate the best warriors from the brave warriors.  

To understand this concept, let’s look at some most powerful (certainly dangerous) warriors from the history:

The most deadliest warriors throughout history:

  • Simo Hahya: This warrior is known to be the best sniper that history has ever witnessed.

‘The White Death’ is believed to have killed 500 men equipped with rifles over a course of winter war that lasted for around 100 days. 

However, what made him dangerous were his strategies.

He used to camouflage in the snow and held snow in his mouth in order that his breaths could not be detected.

Similarly, his various other tactics made it almost impossible to detect his place. 

Simo Hahya (Deadliest Warrior in History).
Simo Hahya
He was hit on his jaw by a Soviet soldier but he soon recovered but died naturally at the age of 96. 
  • Horatius Cocles: He was a Roman soldier who earned fame when he protected the bridge across the Tiber when it was attacked by Etruscans.

Historians have written several hundred pages on his bravery and competence. 

What made him dangerous for his enemies was his determination to fight until the end.

Whatever the circumstances were, he continued to fight until the very last moment.
Note that in a battle, he lost his eye due to an arrow which he pulled out with his eye on and kept on fighting, showing that he was the true brave commander.
That is the reason he is known as ‘Cocle’ because it refers to one-eyed. 

  • Vercingetorix: He is the national hero of France who was able to unite several Celtic tribes in order to compete with the fierce Romans. This shows his competence, but how?
Vercingetorix did not undergo the mistake to fight with Romans alone and lose his soldiers.
He cleverly united the tribes and defeated the mighty Roman army that all feared. This instilled fear among his rivals. 

He united the Celtic tribes very cleverly.
Initially, the tribes were reluctant to join forces with him but he convinced them solely because of the thing that he informed the leaders of the tribes about each and every aspect of the upcoming war against Romans.

This played a major part in his efforts. However, Vercingetorix surrendered in the Battle of Alesia.
Following this, he died of strangulation in accordance with Roman custom. 
  • Gulvarnio: He was the man who loved to stab his enemies. When he was caught by the Spanish troops, both of his hands were cut off. 
However, when he was released, his enemies still did not dare to fight him. This is because he tied knives on his arms and continued to fight until his death!
This was Gulvarnio. 

The main point to ponder upon is his dedication.
This was not for his own material gains but for his people; the people that supported him and those with whom he fought. 
  • Alexander the Great: This would not be the first time you would have listening to this name.

He was the man who conquered almost all over the world because of his bravery and combat qualities. 

He was a very successful general. The best of his qualities was that he always kept his soldiers satisfied.
This is the reason they were ready to fight with him all the time. 
  • Khalid bin Waleed: He was a Muslim soldier that is known for his tactics.

He never hesitated to fight with armies that were much larger than him in number. 

To know his competence, note that in one battle, his forces could not get near to a fort due to a ditch around.
He ordered the slaughtering of weak camels and with their carcasses, he was successful in making a bridge.
He ordered his soldiers to attack the eye of the enemies. When the enemies saw their fellow commanders losing their eyes, they quickly withdrew. Therefore, he is known as the ‘Sword of God’.  

He always desired the rank of martyrdom (to die while fighting in the way of God) but unfortunately, he died naturally even though he did spend more than half of his life on the battlefield.
He was very devoted to his religion and subsequently served Islam from 629-638. 
  • Genghis Khan: This man is known as the ‘Mongol destroyer’. It is believed that he conquered 1/4 of the entire world.

He was a fearless soldier who never hesitated to give severe punishments to his people if they committed any sort of crime. It is believed that he headed almost 40 million people!

There is a difference of opinion among the historians but at some places, it is said the Genghis Khan loved to smells; one of blood and the other of women. 
Gengez Khan (Deadliest Warrior)
Gengez Khan
He always came up with new strategies for his rivals which made him a figure of immense danger for his opponents. 
  • Ashoka: He was also known as the ‘Ashoka the Great.

The real reason for his fame was his cruelty which later changed into an effective political government.  

He belonged to the Maurya dynasty and he ruled the entire subcontinent. Ashoka worked tirelessly for his people and to spread Buddhism.
It is to note that he was a very devoted ruler because he once said that he regarded his followers as his children.
Just as he wants to see them prosper, he wants that for his people as well. This spirit inspired many!

Ashoka waged destructive combat with the state, Kalinga and soon after this, he converted to Buddhism.
His name refers to “without sorrows’. People have reported that his mother was immensely happy on his birth and thus gave him this name. He earned the title of ‘Devanampiya’ which other kings also adopted remembering Ashoka. 
  • Shivaji Rao: He was the founder of guerilla warfare and it was a ferocious marathon military leader. The Marathas were a dominant body of South-East India that had instilled terror among his rivals.
Shivaji became the monarch of this body in 1674 and thus from that time, he worked to spread its roots elsewhere.
Therefore, he introduced new warfare techniques that made him highly popular. It is to note that in case of neglect of duty, he would inflict severe punishments on his people!

He gave a tough time to almost all the ruling forces of the Indian Subcontinent. These include the Mughals, Persians, Afghans, British and many others.
He played an important role in uniting the Marathon force which made it even stronger and difficult to defeat.

Even when his enemies outnumbered him and had an upper hand in terms of arms and ammunition, he remained at the front, proving himself as an able commander. 

  • Hannibal: He is surely one of the greatest warriors that have ever lived.

The reason for his fame was marching with elephants at the beginning of the second Punic War. 

His real power was that he analysed the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents but the funny thing is that his tactic was used against him.
He was defeated in the Battle of Zama by Scipio Africanus who analysed his strong points and then devised the strategies accordingly. 
After his defeat at this battle, he entered politics. His policies were met with great criticism and thus he went into a voluntary exile where he was betrayed by Romans.
Instead of being a prisoner, he poisoned himself to death. The real thing is that this shows how weak he was. But, the main aspect to look is that after continuous failures, he keeps on working in one form or the other.  
It was some of his military tactics that were used by people later!
To conclude, warriors from the past have always been an attraction and even an inspiration for many. The real thing is that a warrior is the one who fights until the last moment even if defeat is obvious. 
If a warrior is strong, his followers will automatically be powerful. Thus, the role of a commander is very important if analysed objectively.
There are many more brave warriors that people feared a lot.
However, it is beyond the scope of any article to mention all those and all the events portraying their competence. We tried to the utmost to provide you with a well-investigated, factual article. All your questions will be welcomed!
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