Why does my cat lick me? A question that cat owners ask but the answers do not satisfy them.

If you are encountering this problem, you are not alone. There are several reasons for your question, “why does my cat lick me”, but most of them are related to affection.

How? Let’s find out!

Why Do Cats Lick You?

There are several reasons why does your cat lick you.

1.Firstly, it is a method of creating a social bond. The younger cats are licked by their mother in affection and this is the way cats grow.

It is not a surprise that cats exhibit the same behaviour when they grow which is quite natural.

Have you ever noticed that cats do not only lick their owners? They lick other cats and animals as well but if other animals retaliate, that is another case.

However, the basic point to be concluded from this is that when cats lick, they simply try to engage with someone (whether it is their owner or some other animal).

Why Does My Cat Lick Me
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2. Secondly, if your cat licks excessively, then the case might differ but how?

Look, cats also lick when they are anxious or stressed. The excess licking elaborates this.

Now, this is your duty as a cat owner to identify what is the reason your cat is stressed.

What I would suggest is to pay a visit to a vet and discuss the problem. However, it is to note that this is not always the case.

3. Cats like to mark what is theirs so that other cats or animals know that. Well, what does that mean?

If a cat sees you as theirs, the cat may begin to lick you to show you a part of its territory.

Although this behaviour is common but it can be troublesome if you have more than one cat.

There are certain functions that licking serves, such as:

  • Licking is essential for coat maintenance
  • Licking helps to get rid of external parasites
  • Cats cool themselves through licking as well
  • Cats deal with stress through licking

4. How do you show your affection to your pet? “By petting it”. Correct!

Your cat also loves you the way you do. Therefore, it licks you to return the favour. This is the honesty of a cat which is one of its best trait!

5. Cats do see their owners as a part of their family and they try to show it. Your cat attempts to teach you to groom yourself by licking you because it is the same behaviour that the cat received.

Your question that why does my cat lick me should have been addressed till now but if not then we have something special for you.

Why Does My Cat Lick Me Than Bite Me?

Cat Do this to communicate its feelings with you. When your cat licks you then bites you, then you have to pay extra attention towards your cat’s body.

This is because your cat is trying to convey some sort of message to you because (as we discussed earlier) cat consider you a part of its family. So be aware!

The reason your cat licks you have been discussed above. However, there can be various reasons why your cat bites you.

It is to note that sometimes cats bite with affection and sometimes with anger and depression. The two bites are easy to identify and when a cat is angry, its bite will be accompanied by hissing, waning and meows.

Therefore, your cat might lick and then bite you in affection or as a warning sign to stop petting it.

Why Does My Cat Lick Me

Why It Sometimes Hurt When a Cat Licks You?

The reason behind is the black-facing barbs on your cat’s tongue. These barbs are of the same material as a cats claws. This also explains why cats tongue feels like sandpaper.

The barbs play a very important role in the grooming of cats as these easily allow the cat to keep its coat clean from dirt.

It is to note that your cat does not know that it is hurting you by licking as for then it feels good. Your cat is only attempting to display some love.

How To Prevent My Cat From Licking Me?

The cat owners enjoy when their cat licks them if this does not exceed a certain limit. Let me tell you some ways you can discourage your cat from licking you in a way it does not feel that licking is not appreciated.

If you play with your cat, it will play an important role in distracting your cat. This can prevent your cat from licking you if you are engaged in playful activities. I suggest you cat toys such as balls and wands.

What about distracting your cat with a tasty meal? Yes, this would work.

A delicious and healthy meal for your cat can be a good idea if you want to discourage your cat from licking you on your nose, fingers and hairs without ignoring it.

Be patient because patience is the key. Do not get annoyed and never ever try to hit your cat or yell at it because you are its owner and it is your duty to respect its feelings.

Should I Let My Cat Lick Me?

Yes, definitely. This is because this is a sign that your cat feels safe and secure with you and trust you. Do you remember that we discussed that cats consider us a part of their family when we discussed why does my cat lick me?

So why not let them play with us when they enjoy spending time with us?

Is It OK To Let Your Cat Lick Your Face?

There are a few things to consider here. There are certain parasites and bacteria that are present on your cat’s saliva.

Therefore, when your cat will lick you on your face, the parasites and bacteria will transfer as well which can lead to infections.

This is the reason I would recommend you to prevent your cat from licking your face!

Should You Let Your Cat Sleep In Bed With You?

Doctor Steve Weinberg says that it is fine if your cat sleeps with you on your bed because this can lead to a comfortable and a calm sleep at night (because who may feel safer with your cat).

Why Does My Cat Lick Me
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The answer to “why does my cat lick me” has been delivered to you. I hope that your concern is addressed and I assure you that you are not the only one who is searching for the solution to this problem.

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