Do you know that Palestine is a sovereign state in Western Asia that has a population of more than five million?

The vast history of Palestine and its culture holds immense significance. This land represents three world religions that are:

  1. Islam
  2. Christianity
  3. Judaism

There are several facts about Palestine and the Palestinian people, that are amusing to read. So let’s dive into the topic with an interesting quote from Yasser Arafat about Palestine:

Palestine is the cement that holds the Arab world together, or it is the explosive that blows it apart.

yAseer arafat

The 10 Most Fascinating Facts About Palestine:

The Economy of Palestine:

  • The economy of Palestine is mostly dependent on tourism. Moreover, the sectors such as the cement industry, textile industry, olive related industries and the mining and quarrying industries also play an important part in maintaining the industry of Palestine.
Facts about Palestine

According to some statistics, the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of Palestine is $10 billion (2012 est.). Similarly, the GDP per capita is $1924 (in the West Bank) and $876 (in the Gaza Strip).

Despite all this, the unemployment rate in Palestine is 24.00 per cent. Apart, Palestine’s export share is 63% of Israel and 23% of the rest of the world (according to 2015 statistics).

The process of collecting taxes in Palestine is a complex system. In 2005, the Palestinian Authorities raised $34 million from taxes.

The Stone Industry in Palestine:

  • The largest sector of the Palestinian economy is its stone industry.

Therefore, more than 650 sites operate in the West Bank. Moreover, the Quarried stones in Palestine are separated according to their categories and are exported to America, Israel, Jordan and some other European countries.

The 3R principle (Reclaim, Reuse, Recycle) is ensured during all the stages of the stone’s lifecycle. The stone and marble sector serves 4.8% of the Palestinian GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

According to some sources, the annual average sales of this sector are around $600 million. Therefore, this sector is considered a very important part of the economy of Palestine.

The Religion in Palestine:

  • Ramadan is a sacred month in Islam during which Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

As the majority of the population of Palestine is Muslim, therefore the Palestinian people make special preparations for the month.

The businesses are adjusted accordingly. The majority of the shops close before sunset. The eateries also close during the day except for those that cater for the tourists.

The people who eat, drink or smoke during the time of fasting, they can be considered offensive to those who are fasting during this sacred month.

The Palestinian people face the following problems during Ramadan:

  1. The food insecurity in Palestine
  2. Hardship and suffering for the people of Gaza
  3. Uncertainty and Poverty during Ramadan

The Wildlife in Palestine:

  • It is possible to see a lot of wild animals in Palestine. The list of animals is as follows:
  1. Foxes
  2. Wolves
  3. Jackals
  4. Hyenas
  5. Leopards
  6. Nubian Ibex

You should know that Palestine is a beautiful land, and this is the reason that it attracts the attention of many people from around the world.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

The official national animal of Palestine is Gazelle. The scientific name of Gazelle is Gazella gazella. This animal is known for its speed as it can run at a speed of 100km/h.

Facts about Palestine (Gazelle)
Photo by Bas van Brandwijk on Unsplash
Image of Gazelle

Gazelle is also present in Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine. This animal is hunted for its skin and meat. The Palestinian Authority has tried for the conservation of this animal as it is a symbol of the national identity of Palestine.

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The lifespan of this animal is 8-15 years and it is dark brown in colour. Similarly, the weight varies from 15kg to 30kg. Gazelle is a herbivore.

The National Flower of Palestine:

  • Palestinian Poppy is the national flower of Palestine. These flowers can be seen in the field of Faqqua village that is near the West Bank.

This flower usually grows in mountainous areas of Palestine and it is considered the national flower of Palestine. The scientific name of the Palestinian Poppy is Anemone Coronaria.

The quality of this flower is that it contains many medicinal properties which make this flower very useful. Moreover, this flower symbolises very deep emotions.

The number of Patels in this flower varies from 4 to 8 and it has many agricultural and medicinal uses.

Facts about Palestine (Palestinian Poppy)
Photo by corina ardeleanu on Unsplash

The petals of the Palestinian Poppy contain a red dye that is used in some wines and medicines. To conclude, this flower not only decorates the countryside but it also has several uses in some fields.

Does Palestine have airports?

  • It is a very interesting fact about Palestine that it does not have any airport to travel to and from. Isn’t it interesting?

In 1998, the construction of an airport was completed in Gaza at a cost of approximately 80 million USD. The flights from Palestine to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and some other places began to operate. But, what happened next?

The following airport began to close from 2000. Moreover, during the second Intifada (2001), the Israeli forces destroyed the control tower and the radar station of the airport.

Furthermore, the Israeli authorities do not allow the Palestinians to use their airport for certain security reasons. This adds to the difficulties that the Palestinians face in their day to day life.

3G Networks, Not In Palestine:

  • The Palestinian people DO NOT have access to 3G networks.

This is because of the restrictions that the Israeli authorities have placed on the Palestinian people. While the world is talking about 5G networks, the Palestinian people are deprived of 3G networks.

During the past, Palestine and Israel have materialised some meetings to discuss the issue but until now no progress has been made.

Facts about Palestine

One thing to note is that some areas in the West Bank have started to get access to the 3G networks.

The Palestinian Refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria:

  • It is among the facts about Palestine that there are more than 7 million Palestinians who live in the refugee camps in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon in exile.

The majority of the people are those who were forcefully asked to move out during the creation of Israel in 1948. This day is known to the Palestinians as Nakba or “catastrophe”.

The land that is occupied by Israel is of the Palestinians that were forced out, under International law.

The term “Palestinian Refugees” refer to both the Arabs and the Jews who were displaced from their homeland (Palestine) during the 1948 Palestine war.

The Brutal Siege in Gaza:

  • In Gaza, 1.9 million Palestinians live under a cruel siege. But why is it brutal?

This is because these Palestinians have been subjected to aerial bombing and basic human rights have been denied to them.

The conditions imposed by the siege are so strict that according to the United Nations, the area will be completely inhabited by 2020. Similarly, the denial of basic human rights is somewhat a matter of concern.

A commonly asked question about Gaza is who controls it? Well, Hamas is a group that controls the Gaza Strip. Hamas has been ruling the Gaza Strip since the downfall of the Palestinian National Authority in 2007.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:

  • The entire region of Palestine and Israel was under the British after the First World War.

The entire region of Palestine and Israel was under the British after the First World War.

Israel gained independence in 1948 and soon it was attacked by the neighbouring Arab countries. This event is known as the “Six-Day” war.

Israel successfully defended itself and therefore, it took over the Gaza Strip, West Bank, Golan Heights and some other places as well.

Soon, the camp David Accords were signed and Israel agreed to give up the Sinai Peninsula. This was the time when the Israelis started to settle in the West Bank.

The Israeli settlement in Palestine is the root cause of many problems that are occurring in Palestine. Apart, the denial of basic human rights to the Palestinians is a matter of concern all over the world.

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With this, the article on facts about Palestine has come to an end. It is important to understand the ongoing political conditions in Palestine because these activities directly or indirectly affect the world.

Palestine is a land that has plenty of information for the readers. Thank You for reading the article till the end.

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