O Level Report Writing Sample (Directed Writing)

When it comes to report writing, you need to make sure that your concepts are clear. 

In this article, you will go through the O Level report writing sample. After that, we will discuss some strengths and weaknesses of the response.

Enough introduction, let’s first discuss the question of the report writing that appeared recently in the Cambridge Examination.

O Level Report Writing Sample

O Level Report Writing Question:

Section 1: Directed Writing

You are advised to write between 200 and 300 words.

  • You will be awarded up to 15 marks for following the task instructions.
  • You will be awarded up to 15 marks for the language you use.

Task 1:

Many new students join your school every year. Your principal wants to make starting at the school as easy as possible for the new students and she asks you to write a report for her about how to do this.

Write your report. You must include the following:

  • Some of the difficulties that you and other students had when you joined the school
  • Suggestions about what the school can do to help new students
  • How the students and the school will benefit

Cover all three points in detail. You should make your report polite and informative. Start your report “To the Principal”. Remember to give a name and a date.

O Level Report Writing Sample:

To the Principal

Subject: Starting school as easy as possible for new students

This report is going to deal with the problems faced by the new students and various possible solutions on how to make starting at the school easier for new students.

It is very delightful to hear that many students are willing to join our school this year (2020). However, the students are likely to face some problems during their initial days in school. The sudden change in the environment is what makes the candidates uncomfortable. They do not feel a part of the institute. Moreover, approaching teachers and students is even more difficult.

To help the new students, we can conduct an assembly on the first day of school to introduce the teachers and the students to each other. Furthermore, a warm-hearted welcome will give them a friendly atmosphere which is likely to make them comfortable.

Simultaneously, all of this will bring some benefits to the students and the school. This will allow the candidates to adjust to a new surrounding in less time span. The students will feel like a part of the institute and therefore, the will be able to concentrate on their studies. Thus, producing good grades. Due to all this, the reputation of the school is likely to enhance and the biggest achievement of a school is the satisfaction of its students.

Overall, I hope that my recommendations will be taken into suggestion and they will make starting at school easier. If you have any questions related to my suggestions, you can find me in class X-C-Green at anytime between 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.



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Authors Comments:

This report is a perfect sample to discuss how to write a report for your O Level Examination. This report is likely to receive a B or a C grade due to certain reasons. What are these reasons?

The report is likely to receive high marks for its “task fulfilment”. This is because the report starts with “To the Principal” as the question instructs.

Similarly, the subject is clearly mentioned which is essential when you are writing a report. In the end, the name and date are mentioned because the question says, “Remember to give a name and a date”.

O Level Report Writing Sample
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However, when it comes to language, the response is likely to loose some marks due to certain reasons. But what?

The question clearly instructs to make your tone polite and informative. Although the tone is polite, it could have been made a little bit more informative. The below-mentioned transition words can make your report informative:

Transition words for an informative paragraph:

First Detail:

  1. First
  2. For example
  3. To start
  4. To begin

Middle Details:

  • Also
  • In addition
  • Next
  • Plus

Last Detail:

  1. Last but not least
  2. Lastly
  3. Finally
  4. To summarise

This takes us to discuss the format for O Level Report Writing. The format for report writing is as follows:

O Level English Report Writing Format

O Level Report Writing Sample

To the ……..

Subject: …………


First Content Point (first bullet in the question)

Second Content Point (second bullet in the question)

Third Content Point (third bullet in the question)



Signature (not compulsory)


Now when you something about report writing, it is time to practice. Below, there is a question for directed writing (report). Try to attempt it according to Cambridge Assessment International Examination (CAIE).

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Practise Question For O Level English Report Writing:

The majority of your schoolmates are not interested in sports. You have carried out a survey on the reason for their lack of interest. Based on your findings, write a report to the Principal regarding the matter.

You must include the following in your report:

  • Reason for the lack of interest in sports
  • Some information on school facilities
  • Providing suggestions to overcome the problems

Cover all points in detail. Remember to keep your tone polite and informative. Start your report “To the Principal” and provide a proper conclusion to your report.

Note: Remember that the purpose of the introduction and conclusion is to reinstate the subject of your report.

Important features in a Report:

  • Use transition words such as Moreover and Furthermore
  • Do not use vague sentences (To understand this, let’s review an example).

E.g: “You should make the environment sustainable”. This is a vague statement. To improve it, provide details such as: “…by planting trees and increasing the vegetation”.

  • Make Paragraphs and connect them with words such as “Similarly and “Simultaneously”.
  • Keep your tone informative and refined (as the question states).
  • Elaborate your reason for writing in the introduction and the conclusion.
  • Use mature words (avoid “bad”. Instead use words such as “substandard” and “unpleasant”).


With this, our topic (O Level Report Writing Sample) has come to an end. I hope that your questions are answered. If you have any queries, you can use the comment section below.

If you think that you are prepared to attempt a report, try answering the practice question mentioned above. Make sure to observe the word limit that is 200 to 300 words.

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