Is Pakistan Safe To Travel?
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Is Pakistan safe to travel to? 
The question that millions ask but very rarely are satisfied with the answer. Before heading into further details, I want to clarify that I being a Pakistani has travelled for years in Pakistan. And truly my experience would be worth sharing. 
However, before starting, I would like to clarify that I would try my best to pen a biased free article and answer your query once and for all.

In the following article, we are going the identify that Is Pakistan safe to travel on the basis of facts and my personal opinion.


Yes, it is safe and secure to travel. However, there are some places that people consider unsafe. 
So let’s discuss the places which are condemned and at the last of each, we would discover my viewpoint and stance :
  • Tribal Areas : 
A province in northwestern Pakistan borders Afghanistan and Balochistan. 
The Tribal Areas is a semi-autonomous province which is mainly inhabited by Pashtuns, an ethnic group with very strong fundamentalist ideas about Islam. 
This is the least developed province in Pakistan and a region where the Pakistani Government has very little control. 
On top of this, due to the proximity with the Taliban-Afghanistan, the Tribal Areas is dangerous for even Pakistanis themselves. 
However, like neighbouring Balochistan, you need a special permit which is very hard to get. Good luck!
  • Peshawar: This is a city located towards the northwest in Pakistan in the province of KPK. 
During the previous years, the crime rate in Peshawar has reduced significantly. Yet people fear coming here. My honest opinion is that Peshawar should without a doubt be visited. 
It is miraculously beautiful and the governmental effort in the past years has been tremendous. So have a visit, considering it safe and secure.
  • Chitral And Kalash Valleys: These areas are the Taliban-controlled area of Nuristan, in Afghanistan, this small region has always been under Taliban threat. 
However, since the security has highly improved, the Kalash Valleys have lived in peace. 
To be honest, when you will have a visit to these places, the tourist attractions will divert your way from all fears and quite honestly, it is safer now! 
Now let’s have a look at other places in Pakistan for tourists. 
The reason for mentioning them in a new list is to highlight the fact that these places have minimal threats in Pakistan and hence are very safe and worth visiting; 
  • Lahore: You may have heard of some terrorist attacks happening in Lahore but, to be honest, there were only a few and they always targeted specific places and people.
  • Islamabad: With plenty of checkpoints in Islamabad due to the presence of military headquarters, this city is one of the safest places for tourists around.
  • OTHER CITIES FROM SINDH AND PUNJAB; This comprises a variety of cities such as Faisalabad, Multan, Hyderabad, Kasur, and others. 
The Sindh area due to the presence of the coast is highly protective. 
Likewise, the economic importance of Punjab allows the government to exert and apply even advanced security making it safe, especially for tourists. 

Q: Is Pakistan safe for female visitors? 

ANS:  In different parts of the country, women’s roles do vary. 

As a woman travelling solo in Pakistan, things can get quite intimidating at times, but it’s safe to visit. 

However you should take precautions such as; the more covered up you are, the more respect you’ll get; Carry a shawl, pashmina or large scarf around with you wherever you go; 
Before you even head off on your Pakistan backpacking adventure, make a few friends. 

Q: Is Pakistan Safe For Children? 

ANS: To be honest, we wouldn’t exactly recommend taking small children to Pakistan. 

There’s too much of a lack of facilities for toddlers and babies that it’s just not worth it. However, the elder ones are recommended as they would love Pakistan and will surely open up their minds. 

Other than that, Pakistan is actually safe to travel for families. And in the future, it will probably (we hope) be A LOT easier.

Q: What is the stance of health in Pakistan? 

ANS: Healthcare in Pakistan is NOT for everyone. 

80% is private and there are just a few public facilities, which are outrageously underfunded by the government. 

There are amazing world-class hospitals but these really do come at a price. It’s a price that a lot of people in Pakistan can’t pay for. As I said, public hospitals are DIRE. 

Rural facilities sometimes don’t even have doctors and there’s a severe lack of equipment. It’s actually led to an increased mortality rate in these areas. If you need assistance, dial 15 and ask for an ambulance. 

It’s important to make sure you contact your insurance company as quickly as you can if you’re referred for treatment at ANY medical facility. For anything, minor or major. If you can afford it, healthcare in Pakistan is GREAT (in the cities).


The number of terror attacks in Pakistan has fallen in recent years but attacks have become more lethal. 

If you need to go to Karachi, consider additional security precautions. The situation has improved noticeably. 

Do NOT travel across border areas with India due to the volatile security situation and heightened security arrangements along the border. It’s all about the North. This is where you’ll find incredible trekking opportunities, chilled out villages, former colonial hill stations, a whole host of history, and loads of different cultures existing together.


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